The correct answer for
the food industry

All the products you need

The correct answer for
the food industry

All the products you need

The correct answer for
the food industry

All the products you need


Our offer

WorldConcentrates is the key partner for the industry of juices, nectars and baby food.

How we achieve our target?

More tan 40 years of experience allow us to reach our target: to cover needs and expectations of customers and suppliers. As a result, WorldConcentrates can attend not only comercial needs, but also technical questions of the most important players of this business.


Trust is the value that stands out our broad portfolio of customers and suppliers.


We have a team motivated and identified with each business project.


We work as a team with buyers, as well as quality control and research development departments of our clients.


Seller invoices directly to the buyer, which makes clear to both parts what the actual price of the transaction is.


Our target is to develop a tailor-made product, according with the profile of each client.


We are aware of the importance of fulfilling our duties by putting all our capacities to carry them out.

Our market: "THE WORLD"


Proven Record: More than 40 years combining our experience and current market information to benefit both our customers and industry suppliers.
Wide Product Portfolio: More than 100 sources of product in over 20 countries. And we continue searching for new options and products.
Technical advice: Obtaining certificates and various forms, and technical assistance throughout the process.
Global Presence: Network of growers in several countries.
Market Knowledge: Up to date with the latest market trends and developments.

And what you need

With our wide solution portfolio in ingredients you can create functional products of high quality

Alcoholic Drinks, liquors, cocktails, etc
Baby Food
Concentrates to prepare juice drinks
Cereal Bars
Dairy drinks
Dressings  (lemon, mayonnaise, ketchup)
Flavored Water
Ice Creams
Marmalades and jellys
Mono and multi flavored nectars
Soy Drinks
Yogurt bases

Contact us

Instant reply. Send your request and we will advice you on the product your company needs.

Wenceslao Villafañe 1647 - Piso 2
(C1295AEI) Buenos Aires - Argentina
(5411)4362-8996 / 4361-0739