About us

A little bit of history

Juan Galiano started at Noel & Cía in 1961 as a delivery boy. He was 14 years old. At the age of 20, he became part of the recently created Export Department of the Company. His career is developed at the same time with the growth of the concentrated fruit pulp business, processes at the plant located process.
At the beginning, the fruit pulps were a subproduct of the canned fruit. Hardly ever, the fruit pulp was concentrated and used for marmalades and jams.
When the 60´s were ending, sales of these products started at Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Japan and Colombia. The fruit was concentrated at 30/32 brix and packed in cans of 4,600 Kgs. Net, pasteurized by a hot filling system. Goods were not transported in containers yet, they were just storaged at the ship´s hold.

In 1979 Noel & Cía acquired the first aseptic line that worked in Mendoza. The system Fran Rica allowed the cold fill line of goods in cylindrical drums. The similar versions of this line, built in our country, pasteurized by hot filling, which caused volumen loss and color difference between the centre and the sides of the packaging.
Recurrent problems caused by leak of sanitary varnish of drums pushed the Company to the seek of other options. For this reason, Juan Galiano travelled to California and acquired in 1983 at Scholle Corporation the first aseptic filler for flexible bags.

These innovations laid the Company at the technological vanguard, reaching successfully the markets in US, Europe and Oceania.
In 1994, Juan Galiano left his position as a General Manager of Noel & Cía and set up his own Company. The support of suppliers in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, China, Colombia, Thailand, Indonesia added to the traditional suppliers in Argentina, have allowed us to increase our line of products reaching the objective of being a reliable key piece for customers and producers.